Limburg’s History as a  European Logistics Center

Limburg is a province in the south of The Netherlands and is seated in the heart of the Meuse-Rhine region of Northern Europe. Through a long history of trade and international business, Limburg now enjoys the presence of a highly-developed  global as well as European logistics industry. This website dedicates itself to providing information and logistic resources to both companies that need logistics services and logistics companies themselves. Read more »

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The Continuing Quest for Harmonisation of Special Transport

Transporting construction machinery across borders is rarely simple Moving heavy construction equipment from site to site can be quite an undertaking, especially when crossing borders. Whether the machine is something that can be driven on the road, such as a big mobile crane, or something that has to be loaded onto a trailer, such as an excavator, there can be both technical and bureaucratic hurdles to jump. Read more »


10 Considerations for a Smarter Supply Chain

Many businesses focus most on marketing and sales, often accepting the supply chain as is with little scrutiny. However, the supply chain behind the scenes can make or break a company because it affects when products arrive, what product is available and the quality of product for which a company is known. Businesses and supply chains must see themselves as equal partners and work together to create, innovate and deliver to customers the best product possible. Read more »


A Model For Transporting Goods in Brazil

When shipping products into a country as large and complex as Brazil, the choice of transportation routes has a critical impact on supply chain costs. A new decision support system developed for a luxury goods company* helps enterprises to make optimal transportation decisions in these markets. Luxury Goods Corporation (LGC) markets its products under 24 brand names in three channels: wholesale, retail, and licensing. The items fall into four classes of product: apparel, accessories ranging from eyewear to luggage,… Read more »

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